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In the past few months, virtual coins have begun to become more and more sought after, and this can be seen in the growth rate of their value.

Is bitcoin a successful investment that can make you rich fast?

There is no wonder that quite a few people decided to get into this “game” and be interested in using a Free Bitcoin Generator that genuinely works and pays off.

The people who invested from the beginning became filthy rich. It’s your turn to stand out!

Let’s see how this cryptocurrency works, but before we talk extensively about this, as well as the whole phenomenon, we’ll try to provide a definition for Bitcoin (BTC for short), as well as for blockchain.

As you probably already know, BTC is a crypto coin which was created in the year 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto (the alias used by this person, anonymous in real life). Making use of a bundle of data, this person wrote a code that gave birth to a new virtual currency.


In what ways can you obtain free bitcoin?

There are quite a few ways through which you can obtain these cryptocurrencies. Most of them are legitimate, but there are also less Orthodox methods that allow you to get into possession of these virtual coins. We will focus our attention only on the safe methods that can be used without any trouble to get the cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin - BTC

What is the main reason that led to the appearance of the cryptocurrency?

The desire to find a safe way through which investments can be secured while detaching from the financial institutions. The storage of these virtual coins is done through wallet file, but may as well be stored in a wallet service offered by a third party.

A major advantage brought about by them is the impossibility of state authorities to influence/ manipulate the value of the virtual currency, or to resort to inflation.

Becoming increasingly common is the term blockchain. What is this blockchain and what is its connection with BTC? In short, this is a list of "blocks" that are continually growing and are linked and secured by cryptography. What information do these “blocks” contain? The whole network is based on them, and that's because the information they contain is some very important. More accurately, through them, transactions are confirmed and makes it difficult to "fake" them, if not impossible.

We will not talk about obtaining cryptocurrency as a means of payment (if you have a small business), or through interest (obtained from a loan in these cryptocurrencies), or by trading on the stock market. Instead, we will focus on getting free bitcoin, and we can do that by using a generator, by mining, faucet or by using a bitcoin hack.

Bitcoin Generator - do they really work?

Among those seeking to generate virtual coins the most popular methods are the Generator websites. But… how efficient are they? Do they really work, or are they a new way of scamming via internet? Depends on the site. Some of them do in fact help you generate new BTC, but you need to keep in mind the fact that the sums earned are not going to be very large. Thus, you are not going to get rich from them. Even so, you know what they say: little by little you get a lot. You need to make sure that you find the sites that do what they say they do, which is helping you to obtain more BTC.


What are the advantages brought about by this free method? We will talk about them later. Until then, we recommend that, before you put all your trust in a particular site, do some research on forums and find out whether they are trustworthy or not. More often than not, these scamming sites will charge you a fee before letting you withdraw the amounts you earned using the tools provided by them.

Mining software - what you need to know

Without any doubt, the mining is the safest way you can resort to in order to obtain BTC or other cryptocurrencies that are very sought after these days. Just as with regular money, the virtual ones are the product of an activity that can be more or less simple. In the case of cryptocurrencies, this activity is represented by mining. Either we do it as a hobby, or we can take things seriously and invest in a more potent hardware (in stores there are video cards that were designed especially for this type of activity), the mining is the only means of generating new digital coins on the market.

free Bitcoin generator

A “miner”, during this type of activity, helps maintain a knot in the network, which serves the purpose of verifying and registering transactions that occur during the day. This helps boost the security and safety of the network, this way ensuring a legitimate transaction, recognized by everybody.

This “work” represented by mining is rewarded by generating BTC which go directly into the virtual wallet of the person owning the hardware used to mine. The amount we can get is dependent on the contribution we each make during the whole process.

Is it profitable to use a mining software to earn more of such coins?
Yes, but several aspects are to be considered. First of all, home mining (using a regular computer) isn’t profitable anymore. A considerable investment is needed to acquire a potent hardware. Secondly, you need to consider the amount of electricity spent on mining. If at the end of the day you have profit, then it is safe to say that it is profitable to consider a mining software. Otherwise… it is best you direct your attention towards other methods described here in this article.

Faucet - which are the top sites that are paying?

Besides using a mining software, another means of getting these virtual coins is represented by the bitcoin faucet, which is a reward system in the form of an app or site. Basically, we get BTC for the activities we are required to do. These activities include: completing captcha codes, writing commentaries, or other activities that may vary according to each site or app. It is obvious the reward received is not considerable, it usually consists of a satoshi, which is a hundredth of a millionth BTC (that is, 0.00000001 BTC). We are talking about the smallest fraction of a BTC that can be sent.

How safe and profitable is to use a faucet? If we choose wisely the sites/ apps, this method becomes a very safe one. As for profitability… this method is very subjective, depending on each person. If you can spare the time and have nothing else better to do, then yes, is profitable, especially if we consider the value it has in the present.

Does it worth the effort to use a bitcoin hack

At first, using a bitcoin hack may look as a good way to get this virtual coin, but nowadays this type of tactics is no longer efficient, more so, can lead to the loss of the already owned coins in the virtual wallet. We do not recommend this type of practice, although there are plenty of people that do.

Instead of using a bitcoin hack we have plenty of other methods, legitimate ones, to help us get into possession of these coins which, today, have exceeded all expectations regarding their value per unit (something you have certainly heard since all the news televisions have talked about this subject).

Why is the Bitcoin Generator the best free solution

BTC generators are very sought after among those who want to earn this type of virtual coins easy and without needing a lot of processing power. These offer a series of advantages, the most important of which are outlined below. It has to be taken into account that the great disadvantage is the impossibility of generating a very large number of such coins by using this method.

Bitcoin Generator Hack

It is online, you do not have to download anything

A Bitcoin Generator can be accessed without the slightest problem online via a website. The entire process is done through it, which means you won’t be needing a lot of processing power. Actually, the only thing you need to do is own a PC/ laptop, which has a browser and gives you access to the internet. That’s it!

A Bitcoin Generator can be accessed without the slightest problem online via a website. The entire process is done through it, which means you won’t be needing a lot of processing power. Actually, the only thing you need to do is own a PC/ laptop, which has a browser and gives you access to the internet. That’s it!

Can be accessed from iPhone, Android or Windows

Since we're talking about a website, accessing it and the BTC generator can be done also using a smartphone, tablet or any other gadget with internet access. You can effortlessly “grab them” even when you are not at home, with the help of your phone. This way, whenever you have the chance, grab your phone from your pocket and round up your income.

No matter the operating system of the gadget, as long as you have access to the internet and to a browser, the cryptocurrencies are a swipe away. Do you have an Android smartphone? Or an iPhone that packs the iOS operating systems? Or maybe you are a Microsoft fan. No matter the situation, you can access with ease the generator.

You don’t need hardware and is very fast

As previously stated when we were talking about mining and how it helps us obtain valuable BTC, this activity needs powerful hardware and a notable consumption of electricity. More often than not, due to the high costs, this method is not profitable. This does not apply to a Bitcoin Generator, which uses the resources given by the internet and the servers provided by the website.

Besides not needing a powerful hardware, obtaining virtual coins by means of generators is much faster when it comes to the time span between pushing the button and that of the actual acquisition of the virtual coin.

How profitable is investing in cryptocurrencies? Should you invest in them?

cryptocurrency invest

Most of us, when we hear about cryptocurrencies, we think about ways of losing money and illusions. Skepticism is strong when it comes to virtual coins. Well, as it turns out, things are very different. Lately, the movements on the stock market, and not only, show us that they really have a future. Their value is steadily increasing, and those who took a chance at investing from the very beginning in them are now more than satisfied with their earnings.

Many people believe that cryptocurrencies cannot be converted to actual money. And this is where they are mistaken. Why? Because cryptocurrencies can be easily converted to U.S. dollars, Euros and even Lei. The fact that these coins represent the future can be seen all around the world, in stores’ acceptance of BTC as a way of payment. More so, there are even ATMs that allow us to buy and sell virtual coins.

Is it a profitable investment?

We believe that, currently, investing in cryptocurrencies is more than profitable. Yes, there are risks, as there are with any other investment we would like to make. The price of virtual coins goes up and down. It’s something perfectly normal. Many experts believe that, as far as bitcoin is concerned, it does not seem to have reached the upper threshold. It’s a good sign in the long run if we decide to get in the “game” as we stand only to gain.

Should you invest in cryptocurrencies? Definitely, yes. The biggest risk you can do now is that of not investing. Of course, it's good to do a thorough market research beforehand and make sure you can afford to lose everything you've invested if things are not going well. This principle actually applies to whatever else we want to invest in.

In order to guarantee that we are making the best choice regarding the virtual coins investment, we need to do our “homework”, so that we know exactly how to proceed. Next off in the article we will talk a bit about the best cryptocurrencies of the year 2017, we will present a few graphs that clearly show their evolution (especially BTC’s evolution) and we will explain why is more profitable to invest in the stock exchange than mining.

Top 6 best cryptocurrencies of 2017

Most people only heard about BTC when it comes to virtual coins. But this is not the only cryptocurrency present on the market, having to choose from dozens and even thousands of other virtual coins, many of which are having a more than interesting evolution. But those deserving our attention are fewer in number, and we will present them in the following lines, quoting as the source of information the well-known website dedicated to investors, investopedia.com that deserves your attention too.

cryptocurrency total market cap

1. Bitcoin (BTC)

Obviously, the first spot in our best cryptocurrencies of 2017 top is occupied by the bitcoin. “Born” in the year 2009 and being one of the first implementations of the “cryptocurrency” concept, it became so well-known and powerful that nowadays stores are accepting this coin as a means of payment, and according to the latest field statistics in 55 countries operate over 900 ATMs that allow the selling and buying of BTC (including Romania).

2. Ethereum (ETH)

Launched in 2015, Ethereum is without doubt the second virtual coin deserving of our full attention. Currently, ETH is the second most traded cryptocurrency, investors being quite confident about it.

3. Litecoin (LTC)

Among the virtual coins that appeared short after the launch of the main cryptocurrency of the moment was Litecoin, which was “born” in 2011, being created by the MIT graduate Charlie Lee, former Google engineer. The number of those accepting payment in the LTC has steadily increased in recent years, a sign that it is a cryptocurrency of the future.

4. Zcash (ZEC)

Being a decentralized and open-source cryptocurrency, Zcash emerged towards the end of last year. According to its creators, ZEC offers improved security, as well as a lot more privacy when it comes to transactions, compared to the top occupant of our top.

5. Dash

Formerly known as Darkcoin, Dash can be viewed as a version that amplifies the anonymous character of bitcoin. It was launched by Evan Duffield in the month of January of 2014 and soon succeeded in winning more investors on its side.

6. Monero (XMR)

This is a cryptocurrency that boasts impressive security, and an anonymous way through which transactions are made. It was born in April of 2014, and shortly after that Monero became increasingly more popular among cryptocurrency loving users. Even from the launch, the focus of this virtual currency has been on decentralization and scalability.



Bitcoin (BTC)

14 455,48 USD

Ethereum (ETH)

1 199,72 USD

Litecoin (LTC)

244,84 USD

Zcash (ZEC)

665,42 USD


1 075,64 USD

Monero (XMR)

428,78 USD

*** last update: 9 January 2018

In addition to all of the above, it is worth adding to the list the Ripple (launched in the year 2012, currently has a market share of 243 million, being integrated in some banks’ and online paying systems), Dodgecoin (especially used to reward users on forums, and for donations), MaidSafeCoin (as you can tell from its name, it focuses on security), Lisk and Storjcoin X.
Other crypto coins with a good evolution

How has BTC evolved in the past year?

Since its launch and until today it has had a more than interesting evolution. If its value remained relatively constant at first, beginning to grow this year’s spring until fall 2017 when it “exploded” and reached 19.343 dollars per BTC. The course has fluctuated, but its maintaining around $15.000 per unit, with an obvious upward trend, as can be clearly seen in the chart below.

We can say that 2017 represented the best year for cryptocurrencies, especially for Bitcoin, and that’s because many stores have started to accept this means of payment. BTC has begun to be accepted and gain legitimacy among financial and state-owned companies, and the best example we can give here is Japan, which promulgated a law accepting the BTC as a legal payment method. Skandiabanken, Norway's largest online bank, also announced the integration of Bitcoin into their account system, and Russia has said it will legalize virtual coins in the near future.

Bitcoin price evolution

Is it more profitable to do bitcoin mining or invest in the stock market?

As noted above when we talked about bitcoin mining, home mining is no longer profitable, and that is because the initial investment must be quite high, not just in high performance hardware but also in electricity. In addition, technology is advancing every day, making it hard to keep up with those who can pump money in upgrades.

As you've probably already realized, investing in stock market virtual money (especially when it comes to BTC) is the most cost-effective. It is possible to win nice money this way, but take into account that, just as well, they can be lost. So, do not throw yourself head first investing amounts that you cannot afford to lose.

Is it too late to get into the virtual coins game?

Those who see many of the virtual coins at their peak are mistaking. Experts believe Bitcoin is far from reaching its upper threshold, and although fluctuations may be somewhat high, its growth will continue in the coming months. In addition, the other existing crypto coins are equally attractive, and investing in them can bring us some notable earnings. So, the answer to this question is a negative one. It's not too late to get into the virtual coins game, on the contrary, now is the best time.

Below I’ve prepared a video that explains, in just five minutes, what’s the deal with the well-known virtual coin: